Jeremiah Wise
Owner, Operator

Hello! I am Jeremiah. For over five years, I have enjoyed growing my own business! I'm thankful for the years of training I spent previously as an apprentice of another local painter and, therefore, value growing others up in the business of painting as well! (Interested interns - I'd love to hear from you!) Aside from being a residential painter, I am a father, an artist and have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Counseling. These pieces of my background are vital to my role as a painter & business owner since I care deeply for my clients, their homes and carry an incredible attention to detail! I take pride in customizing and completing every interior or exterior residential painting project with utmost care and quality! 

When I'm not painting or working, I can be found spending time with my wife and two adorable kiddos! I also love to fly fish, write music and am plugged in with a local church, Liberti, as the Director of Music Ministry.

Portrait by Andrea Warden Photography